Famous People Associated With Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter

The Jewelley Quarter has a number of its most famous citizens actually buried within its Cemeteries and in particular the Key Hill Cemetery.  Whereas the Warstone Lane Cemetery has John Baskerville (best remembered as a printer and typographer) Birimingham’s oldest Cemetery ” Key Hill ” has the following buried within its grounds :

Joseph Chamberlain 1836 – 1914  Member of Parliament & Mayor of Birmingham ( plot 610.K ) buried with his two wives (Please see photo gallery)  His legacy : He was the driving force behind the foundation of the Birmingham University and was its first Chancellor. The University’s clock tower is called the Joseph Chamberlain Memorial Clock Tower or more commonly ‘Old Joe’ or ‘Big Joe’. He is also commemorated by a memorial in Chamberlain Square in central Birmingham. A large iron clock erected in his honour (1903, during his lifetime) stands in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter His Birmingham home, Highbury Hall, is now a civic conference venue and a venue for civil marriages, and is occasionally open to the public.

  • Joseph Chamberlain (senior), father of the politician Joseph Chamberlain (plot 622.K)
  • John Henry Chamberlain (plot 701.K)
  • Robert William Dale (637.K)
  • George Dawson (plot 507.O)
  • Joseph Gillott (plot 374-375.E)
  • Joseph Hinks
  • Harriet Martineau (1802 – 1876) (plot 790/I)
  • Robert Martineau (d 17 June 1870) (plot 790/I)
  • Robert Francis Martineau (d 1909) (plot 790/I)
  • Sir Thomas Martineau (1828-1893) (plot 134.K)
  • A. Follett Osler (plot 611.K)
  • John Skirrow Wright (plot 218.E)
  • Edwin Yates
  • Marie Bethell Beauclerc – First female reporter
  • Alfred Bird (plot 164.H) – Born 1811 in Nympsfield, Gloucestershire and Died 15 December 1878 in Kings Norton, Worcestershire, England. Buried Key Hill Cemetery. Famous for inventing egg-free custard and baking powder.

Warstone Lane Cemetery

Warstone Lane Cemetery also known as Brookfields Cemetery, the Church of England Cemetery & or Mint Cemetery, is a cemetery dating back to 1847.

The major feature associated with the warstone lane cemetery is the two tiers of catacombs – see below.

Photograph 2 looking down from inside mint cemetery Jewellery Quarter Birmingham 2008
Photograph 2 looking down from inside mint cemetery Jewellery Quarter Birmingham 2008

The unhealthy vapours at the time led to the Birmingham Cemeteries Act, which required non-interred coffins be sealed with lead or pitch.

Famous Burials in The Warstone Lane Cemetery

Joseph Allday – radical politician
John Baskerville (1706–75) – manufacturer, reinterred here in 1897
Dr Pye Chavasse (1810–79) – medical author
James Cooper, VC (1840–89) – soldier
John Postgate (1820–81) – surgeon and food safety campaigner
Clement Mansfield Ingleby (1823–86) – solicitor and poet
Harry Gem (1819–81) – lawn tennis pioneer

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