From Museums, Galleries, Cemetries the small urban village of the Jewellery Quarter has it all.

Whilst the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter is known throughout the world for having the largest concentration of Jewellery outlets in Europe – there are lot more intereting places for you to see if you know where to look!

Key Hill Cemetery Information Board Jewellery Quarter 2013
Key Hill Cemetery Information Board Jewellery Quarter 2013

Why not take a trip down the ” Pavement Trails ” these are walks developed by groundwork Birmingham, and help a visitor understand more about the history of the Jewellery Quarter.

The Trails have been designed by two sets of artists – Renn and Thacker (Newhall Hill/ Frederick Street Trail) and Laura Potter (Newhall Street/ Graham Street Trail) – to provide visitors with an opportunity to unlock some of the area’s secrets.

The trail pays tribute to the Jewellery Quarter in a bygone era from making “bits for Spitfires” to making the worlds most famous football association cup the “FA Cup.”

Pavement Trail jewellery quarter birmingham FA_Cup_was_made_here
JQB Pavement Traill FA_Cup_was_made_here






Original post 2007 – updated April 2017